From graphic design using the latest software to dynamic web production custom fit for your needs, you can get professionally designed, developed and managed projects on and off the web with us.

At Vivid Dream Design, we see the web as another part of a complete marketing package for your company. Whether it's print collateral, corporate identity, or e-commerce, we can get you there for less while delivering the highest quality in design and application development.

Graphic Design

  • Logo Concept and Color Schemes

    Your logo is usually the first impression with your customers and clients. Make that impression a good one with quality design. Your company logo is your fingerprint and it should be unique to your needs and products.

  • Website Design & Scripting (image processing, HTML, CSS, Javascript)

    From small corporate sites to large online shops, every website needs a design - and a quality one at that. Usability and speed are considered with every design and no two designs are alike. We will work with you to develop an online presence that mirrors your corporate identity and fits seamlessly into your set of marketing tools.

  • Application User Interface
  • Stationery and Letterhead

    We'll work closely with you to develop quality pieces that work together... From marketing folders to business cards.

  • Custom Artwork and Packaging Design

    Packaging design applies to everything from CD/DVD inserts & booklets to product boxes and store stands. After working with you to build a successful design, we can help you find cost-effective printing.

  • Advertisment and Brochure Design

    From project start to working with your printer, we'll make sure the final product exceeds your expectations and demands the attention of your targeted audience.


From HTML to SQL, we can give you the level of programming you need for your custom website applications. Whether you are looking for a custom online business solution or seamless integration with 3rd party software we can make it happen.

We are realistic and we want you to succeed. You can depend on us to not only supply you with easy maintenance, custom web solutions that won't cut into your budget, but also to be here when you call and to offer complete training.

Web Development

  • Website Applications (forums, shopping carts, content management, etc.) using ASP/VB Script, PHP, Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Database Creation and Modification for mySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access
  • Integration with Existing or 3rd Party Applications
  • Website Implementation
  • Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Setup and Widget Installation
  • Custom Yahoo Store RHTML Coding
  • MIVA Store Code Manipulation
  • Affordable Virtual Website Hosting

Customer Service and Relationships (CSR)

We believe that everyone can use the web to their advantage, even if you aren't a large corporation or don't have millions to spend. By branding yourself with a website that carries the image of your corporate identity, offering product and contact information 24 hours a day, getting people aware of your site, and offering specials online you can build trust and loyalty with your customers and clients.

Instead of thinking of the web as just another advertising medium, think of it as Customer Service and Relationships (CSR). A way to keep your customers and clients informed. A way to keep them interested in you. A way for them to reach you or ask questions 24 hours a day. Keep them coming back and let the word spread about your superior service.

Let us show you how to offer CSR 24 hours a day online with a custom-designed website that fits seamlessly into your corporate identity printed products. We are looking forward to working with you.


Vivid Dream Design has been offering design services to a variety of clients for since 1997 and has been online offering full development since 2000. Located in Southern California with clients around the country, the idea from the start was to allow smaller businesses and individuals inexpensive ways to advertise and build branding with expensive-looking quality.

Our growth has only made us concentrate even more on our core business values. We care even more about the quality of our work and how our work helps our clients to be successful. Client success is our success. Customer service is more important than ever for us and we think you'll find the relationship you build with us is a valuable one.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers a way to enhance their success with affordable, quality graphic design and internet application development produced in a timely and professional, customer-service oriented manner.

Our Core Principles

1) We do everything we can to ensure our products are cutting-edge. We constantly keep up with the changing graphic design and application development markets in multiple medias by doing research, learning new skills, and implementing new practices.

2) We are able to offer lower prices because we have little overhead. There is no 'fancy' office to pay for because we all telecommute; we operate efficiently because our people are dedicated, intelligent and hard-working; we only purchase material items and software that directly relates to offering our customers the best products and services.

3) We believe that customer satisfaction is the only path to our success. When customers are completely satisfied the finished products reflect our best work; as our customers succeed so do we as each successful product is a direct reflection on our abilities.

How We Operate

We will produce compelling, targeted, and results-oriented products for our customers based on their individual needs that will promote their company and differentiate them from competitors.

We believe we can turn every customer into an advocate for our business. We offer only quality products and deliver what we promise within a customer's time frame and budget. Each project is a partnership with our customer to produce services in a realistic time-line and budget that will deliver what each individual customer desires.

We strive to build relationships with our customers that outlast initial projects. We want to be our customer's source for graphic design and application development for the life of their company.

We operate with efficiency in mind. Our 'have no overhead' policy begins with having all of our staff telecommute. Our network of designers and developers are the top in their fields and each operates with the success of both the customer and of our company as their goal by understanding and sharing our set of business ethics. We have no office to visit filled with impressive (and expensive) items; we are bare-boned, white-knuckled and dedicated.

Starting A Project

Every project is thought out start-to-finish and handled in a professional manner regardless of budget.

Plan - We begin by understanding the customer's business and we agree on project objectives including scope, time-lines and budget.

Design - We develop and facilitate the project resulting in a working prototype of the deliverable, ready for testing and revisions.

Implement - Whether it's working with your printer or implementing an application solution, we will both test the product and make sure you understand how to manage and maintain it with documentation supplied as needed.

Enhance - Depending on the project and individual customer needs, enhancements, revisions and continued maintenance of all services is offered.

We have the expertise to meet the functional needs the client is after for their project.


I really appreciate what you have done for us. I have been doing this business for 5 years and gone through 4 other web people and they all don't add up to your talent and promptness. Keep up the good work!!! - Rick, Pro Sports Memorabilia

Believe me, any work that comes to us needed this type of stuff is going to go to you. We (and DAN) have been very pleased with your work and how quickly you get things done! - Dawn, PADI

Our clients don't know how lucky they are to get you to work for them... Thank you for the excellent follow through. It is very refreshing. - Michele, Aquent

You two Web companies are such an odd mix - you're fast and efficient with your work and [other design co] sure takes their time... Again, thanks for your help. - George,

Frankly your work helps me have the nerve to work with high-brow people who are intimidating to me! Your work makes it so my stuff doesn't have that "homemade" look even though I am just a one-man shop! - Julie, The Violin Case

Thanks--your response time is AWESOME! - Gabe, Thomas Nelson, Inc.

You are wonderful. I wish everyone that worked with me was as responsive. - Mike,

Accurate and speedy work. A real pleasure to work with this professional. - Keith, Biz Sites

Due to changes we both made, my conversion rates lately are running 4-6% up from 2-3%. - Louis,